TONNARD Manufacturing – experts in short and long run metal stampings.

We have been stamping out top-quality parts of all shapes and sizes for more than 50 years. And because of the high level of craftsmanship we put into each and every part along with our unparalleled commitment to customer service and innovation, TONNARD now leads the metal stamping industry in its ability to fulfill customers’ stamping needs — every time and on time.

TONNARD is not just a metal stamping company. For many customers, TONNARD has become a valued single source supplier — helping them manage costs and eliminate the multiple suppliers necessary to finish projects.

We invite you to learn more about the TONNARD Difference, our manufacturing capabilities, the diverse industries served,  and the variety of resources we have available to make your next project a success.

Reliability, flexibility, and efficiency set TONNARD Manufacturing apart from other metal fabricators. These qualities have helped us become an industry leader in short- and long-run stamping — trusted by family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. As one of the most modern and well-equipped production stamping facilities in the United States, the TONNARD Difference is simple:


You can trust TONNARD to deliver the highest quality on all production parts. Our skill and diversified experience guarantees it.


We handle projects of all shapes, sizes, and complexity levels from stamping to full assemblies including painting, plating, silk screening, and finishing.


Reliability and flexibility mean nothing without an efficient process — parts delivered on time and on budget. Our consistent contract business and planned scheduling help keep costs down and prices competitive.

Quality Policy — To deliver High-Quality Products, On-Time, and at Competitive Prices through Process Management and Continual Improvement

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For more than 50 years, TONNARD has been stamping out top-quality parts of all shapes and sizes and has set the industry standard for customer service.


As a customer-focused manufacturer, TONNARD is able to provide customized services such as long- or short-run metal stamping and fabricating, painting, plating, silk-screening, in-house tooling with wire EDM capabilities; laser cutting; CNC and mechanical press brake fabricating; drilling; tapping; assembly; MIG, TIG and spot welding; and deburring.


TONNARD specializes in metal stamping and metal fabrication using stainless steel, cold rolled steel of all tempers, hot rolled steel, Aluminum, AKDQ, HSLA, INX-50, all red metals, Inconel, Monel, and even more exotic materials. Thicknesses used are variable based on material and complexity of the project. Our standard thickness range is .010″–.5″


Our modern 100,000 square-foot facility in northwestern Pennsylvania — located in the middle of the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo triangle — allows us to pierce materials from .010 to .5 inches thick (depending on material and project complexity), stamp parts on punch presses ranging from 10 to 400 tons, and shear up to ¼” thick material up to 120” long.

We also specialize in inspection processes such as PPAP, FMEA, CAD Comparison, First Article Inspection, and SPC to ensure your part is made to your specifications… every time.

Tonnard Manufacturing offers a unique mix of advanced equipment, facilities, and expertise that has enabled us to become the metal stamper of choice in a variety of global industries:


Aftermarket Automotive

Agricultural Equipment











Fall Protection




Food Handling



Heat Treating

Heating & Cooling

Health Care


Laboratory Equipment


Machine Building/Machine Shops





Office Furniture






Roll Forming


Scale Manufacturing

Screw Machine

Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Sporting Goods



This list is only a selection of the many industries to which we have supplied metal stamping design, parts, and services. We have the flexibility to handle the variety of projects our customers send to us. We work with you to get you what you need. We have what it takes. We are TONNARD.

TONNARD’s expertise extends far beyond stamping and fabrication.  Our design and layout craftsmen make up the heart of our unique tool and die system.  We remain flexible and can even provide prompt, inexpensive, precision tools and dies for experimental stampings or production orders – permitting quick, low-cost design changes at a minimum charge. At TONNARD, economy and service go hand in hand.  We’ve assembled resources that will be valuable to your team as you design parts — saving you time and money:

We can use laser-scanning technologies to construct a working file where no design plans are available – only the part exists.

TONNARD has complete in-house tool building capability. We build what we need to make what you need.

Our Quality Control Department assures the parts we make are to your specifications.

We have put together a page of design tips for ordering parts with the greatest economy based on our short-run tooling methods.

For jig drilling and reaming work, we have single- and multiple-spindle drill presses.

Our shearing capacities are up to 1/4″ laser shear, 3/8″ thick x 10-ft. lengths.

In our warehouse, we stock over 500 tons of standard-gage raw material.

Our punch presses range from 10-ton to 400-ton capacity — bed areas up to 72″ x 42″ — many of which are equipped with automatic feeds and air cushions for up to 6″ deep draw and form work.

For fast and precise tapping, we use Govro-Nelson lead-screw tapping units and Haas CNC Milling equipment.

We have several automatic pem-serters with vibratory feeds.

At Tonnard MFG, our welding capabilities include MIG, TIG and Resistance Spot Welding.

Tooling is built and maintained with a well-equipped tool room utilizing several CNC wire EDM machines, two Haas Vertical Milling Machines, Haas CNC Lathe, a Roder CNC Mill, and CNC Trac A.G.E 3-Axis Mills.

For optimal efficiency, our custom tooling is stored utilizing a Ridg-U-Rak semi-automatic retrieval system.

Our multi-axis laser and CNC Turret machines allow for prototyping and short-run production with no tooling costs.

Complete support equipment and Blanchard/Okamoto Grinders for die maintenance and production grinding.

CNC Press Brakes allow for prototype and short-run production with no tooling costs.

Equipment List

  • (3) 165-ton Aida presses with Orii press to press transfer robots
  • (6) 121-ton OBS Komatsu presses with Orii press to press transfer robots
  • (1) 121-ton OBS Komatsu with Orii robot
  • (1) 88-ton OBS Komatsu with Orii robot
  • (7) 66-ton OBS Komatsu Orii robot
  • (2) 66-ton OBS Komatsu Orii sheet feeder
  • (1) 50-ton OBS Komatsu Orii robot
  • 330-ton Niagara 84″ x 48″ bed with servo coil line
  • 220-ton Komatsu 94″ x 33″ bed with servo coil line
  • 160-ton Bliss 48″ x 36″ with servo coil line
  • 113-ton Bliss 48″ x 33″ bed with servo coil line
  • 60-ton OBS Komatsu with servo coil line
  • 50-ton OBS Komatsu with servo coil line
  • 50-ton Seyi with hitch feed
  • 30-ton Minster with servo coil line
  • 400-ton Verson triple-action hydraulic press 24′ stroke 63″ x 48″ bed
  • 350-ton Cleveland with air cushion
  • 250-ton Niagara with air cushion
  • 250-ton Pacific hydraulic double-action press
  • 200-ton Niagara with air cushion
  • 200-ton Niagara
  • 165-ton Komatsu with air cushion
  • 121-ton Komatsu servo press with hydraulic cushion
  • 121-ton Komatsu with air cushion
  • (4) 90-ton Niagara presses with air cushions
  • 90-ton Bilss with air cushion
  • 80-ton Toledo
  • (2) 70-ton Niagara presses with air cushions
  • (3) 60-ton Niagara presses with air cushions
  • (2) 45-ton Komatsu Servo Presses with air cushions
  • (9) 45-ton Niagara presses 5 with air cushions
  • (7) 35-ton Niagara presses 2 with air cushions
  • (2) 25-ton Niagara presses 1 with air cushion
  • 10-ton V&O press
  • 250-ton Pacific 12′ bed
  • 175-ton Cincinnati 8′ bed
  • 135-ton Diamond 10′ bed
  • 85-ton Toyokoki 8′ bed
  • 75-ton Cincinnati 8′ bed
  • 65-ton Dries & Krump 6′ bed
  • 50-ton Chicago 4′ bed
  • 35-ton Amada 3′ bed
  • 35-ton Toyokoki 4′ bed
  • 35-ton Chicago 4′ bed
  • (2) 25-ton Verson 4′ bed
  • (2) 15-ton Verson 4′ bed
  • (3) 6-ton Toyokoki Press Brakes
  • Chicago Press Brake, 15 Ton
  • Niagara A2 2″ x 48″ 3-Roll Slip, Power-Driven Forming Machine
  • (2) DiAcro Hand-Operated Adjustable Benders, Model #2
  • Amada Pulsar LC-1212, Production Laser
  • Amada Apelio III Laser / Turret combination machine
  • Amada Shear, Model M-3060, 10′, .250 Thick Capacity, (w/ Met-Fab Unloader-Stacker)
  • Cincinnati Steel Shear, Model 1006, 6′
  • Wysong 6′ Steel Shear
    Piranha Iron Worker Cut-Off Machine, S/N PSO 426
  • Sciaky Spot Welder, 200 KVA, Mach No 8369
  • (3) Amada DC Spot Welders, ID 4OST
  • Amada DC spot welder with robot loading and unloading
  • Federal Spot Welder, with Entron Solid-State Control, 75 KVA
  • McKay Federal Spot Welder, S/N 661981-10
  • (2) Nelson Series 9000, Model 511V, T-Stud Welders, Autofeed
  • 250 KVA Federal Spot welder with a Panasonic robot feeding it
  • (5) Robotic Mig Welding Cells Performarc/Panasonic
  • (6) Auto Sert AS019 Automatic Press
    with Assorted Auto-Feed Tool Sets, Vibratory Feed
  • Wire EDM Fanuc Robocut Auto Thread Wire, 12″ x 9.5″ x 6.5″ Capacity
  • Wire EDM Fanuc Robocut Auto Thread, 14.5″ x 21.5″ x 12″ Capacity
  • Vertical Machining Center Roders RP600
  • Vertical Machining Center Roders RP800
  • Vertical Machining Center Hermle CU800
  • Vertical Machining Center Haas Mini Mill
  • Vertical Machining Center Haas VF-3 40 Station Vertical Milling Machine
  • Vertical Machining Center Haas VM-2
  • Vertical Machining Center Hurco VM1
  • CNC Lath Mori Seiki CL-20 with bar feeder
  • CNC Lathe Haas TL1
  • (2) Mills Trak A.G.E.-3, 3-D Bedmills
  • (2) Okamoto Grinder (Linear) 6-12
  • Okamoto CNC Grinder, ACC 16-24DX
  • Okamoto 20×40
  • Okamoto CNC Grinder, ACC 8-20ST
  • Blanchard Grinder, 20″ Bed, No. 11
  • Blanchard Grinder, Model 18, 30″, S/N 4345
  • DOALL Bandsaw, Model 24
  • DOALL Bandsaw, Model 26
  • Amada CNC Cut-Off Saw, S/N 45750034
  • Kalamazoo Portable Metal-Cutting Bandsaw,
  • Buffalo Floor-Type Sensitive Drill Press
  • Clifford Drill Press
  • Walker-Turner Spindle Power Drill
  • Hendey Lathe, 16″ Swing
  • Strippit Punch & Die Grinder
  • Porter – Cable Grinder Wheel
  • Brown & Sharp 510 Surface-Grinding Machine, S/N 523-510, 1716
  • Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine, 1 hp, with Optics
  • Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine, Series I, 2 hp, with Optics
  • Wilson Hardness Tester
  • KMI RECCO Atmospheric Heat-Treat Furnace with
    Draw Oven, Model R1824D-CF
  • Econoline Mini Sand Blaster, S/N E-89-2601
  • Meuser M35R Radial Arm Drill
    Bliss #6 Punch Press, 75 Ton, for Die Tryout
  • Niagara A-3 Punch Press, 29 Ton, for Die Tryout
  • Ferracute C-15, 60-Ton Punch Press, for Die Tryout
  • Consolidate No. 8 Punch Press, 60 Ton, for Die Tryout
  • Zagar Multi-Spindle CNC Tapping Machine, S/N 256769
  • Avery #2 Variable-Speed 4-Spindle Drill Press, S/N 22504
  • Ashina Drill Press, Type ASD 366, S/N 59961
  • (5) Brother Tapping Machines
  • Buffalo #18 Vertical or Horizontal Drill Press, S/N 10203
  • Clausing Inds Drill Press, S/N 20-533068
  • General Electric Drill Press
  • Govro Nelson Tapper, S/N KT-7732
  • Javis Corp Tapping Machine, S/N 898
  • Solberga Tapping Machine, S/N 16535
  • Westinghouse Tapping Machine, S/N 81205
  • Bridgeport Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machine, Model #126721
  • Haas Mini Mill
  • Timesaver Wet Sander, 36″ Wide
  • Curtis Straight-O-Matic Belt Sander, Model 600,
    S/N 51068, 12″ Wide Platform Running Belt
  • Time-Saver Speed Belt Sander, Model #18,
    S/N 825, 24″ Wide Sanding Belt
  • Burr King Belt Sander, Model 760
  • Torex Model T7230 Vibratory Finishing Machine, 22 Cu Ft
  • Glob Orbital Finisher
  • Adjusta-Vibe Vibratory Finishing Machine
  • Ultra Matic Vibratory Finishing Machine, 4-1/2 Cu Ft
  • Midbrook Hurricane Parts Washer, Conveyor Belt
  • (10) Lift trucks, Electric, ranging from 3,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds
  • Many manual pallet jacks
  • (8) Electric lifts for tooling
  • Electric Traveling Crane, 3 Ton, Overhead with Cullen-Friestedt Sheet Lifter, Covering One Bay 60′ x 300′ Long
  • Electric Traveling Crane, 5 Ton, EMH, Overhead with Cullen-Friestedt Sheet Lifter, Covering One Bay 60′ x 300′ Long
  • (2) Jib Cranes, 2000# Capacity
  • (2) Jib Cranes, Abell-Howe, 1000# Capacity w/1000# Magnet
    Steel Bundle Scale, 10,000# Capacity
  • Romer Arm 2.0 Plus
  • Height gages
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers inside and outside
  • Surface Plates
  • Dial Indicators
  • Gage Blocks
  • Threaded Gauges
  • Ring Gauges
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Plug gages
  • Drill Blanks
  • Protractors
  • Radius Gauges
  • Digital Optical Comparitor
  • Revolution CMM with PH20 head
  • Inspectvision Planar 2D Measurement System

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Tonnard Manufacturing is now a Blue Zone Project approved company.

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